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1. Vast piles of corpses, nuclear fallout, etc. are just awful to begin with. People shouldn't have to live like that, especially not his sister.
2. Ruled by Father's 'false god,' never a good sign.
3. Mutantkind is, rather than Independently Righteous, an overclass of backstabbing, infighting torturers of their own kind as well as others.
4. Said backstabbing servants of the false god include Mother's alternate.
5. Father marrying someone else is a bit odd, albeit logical because of #4.

But at least Father still worked for Magneto.

AU Ficlets Part Deux

It never failed. When helping with the harvest, Josephine always wanted to make sure she was carrying just as much as Jeremiah. And Jeremiah always wanted to carry half of Josephine's for her. When taking Sorel and Mortadella out for a ride, they always had to race. Even in the family portrait, the four (six, counting the dinosaurs) standing straight as soldiers in a rank, the twins' posture strained as Josephine tried to will herself not to be shorter.
Paris and Carmella were so proud when they were both asked to go to America, but they made Jeremiah give his word to watch out for her. Josephine was a little annoyed about that.

"Mama?" Jeremiah asked earnestly as they tore and folded bandages. "You won't let Josephine smoke."

"Nope. You're father's right on that one. Of course neither of you is allowed to, but we really only needed to tell Josie."

"But you do," he said, with a plaintive puppy-eyed expression. You'd think he would have grown out of the ability to do that, but in certain circumstances.... "You realize we're just as worried about you, right?"

"Bit of a difference, sweetie. Josie'd better be higher on his priority list than I, and he's entitled to tell her what to do. You get my point, hon?"

"Yes, ma'am," Jeremiah says compliantly, right before humming a little to himself as he quadrupled up his sword to cut swathes of cloth. "I don't like what it does to your voice, though. And you have such a pretty voice."

Before his mother could respond, the doors clanged open. "WE FOUND SUPPLIES!" Josephine chirped merrily, nearly skipping in with her bundle in front of her father. "So how are things in here."

"Fine, sweetie," Alison answered, not meeting Paris's inquisitive look as the twins began debating whether or not it was all right to cut the cloth crooked. Well, Jeremiah was debating. Josephine was more...cutting crooked.

AU Meme.

"Paris, we have to face this!" Carmella snapped. "There's no point staying in denial. It's not the end of the world, especially since we're still young enough to try again." Read more...Collapse )

As his opponent's blade slid form its sheath, Jeremiah materialized his own.
Read more...Collapse )

What had been his real first blood? Read more...Collapse )

Voicemail Message: Elliot.

"Elliot, this is Jeremiah. I was wanting to extend an invitation. Please call me. Thanks. Bye."

A letter home

Dear Father and Mother:

I have to apologize: to a certain extent, I went looking for trouble today. A mutant girl I had been talking to had been murdered, and nothing was being done. They tried to target more people, so I went looking for them and they targeted me. At least one of them has been stopped now.
I tried to be as discreet and safe as possible, and I certainly do not intend to make a habit of it, but the situation was absolutely unconscionable.


A note home.

Dear Father and Mother:
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I miss everyone very much.

The family did not celebrate much in the way of holiday practices, but Carmella had made one Italian Christmas tradition part of Jeremiah's upbringing: family notes.

The first was in Italian.

Read more...Collapse )

The second was in rather archaic French

Read more...Collapse )

He received a single note in English. Except for one angular signature, it was in Mother's handwriting.

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Jeremiah would pack this along with his exceedingly few belongings when he left.

Dec. 19th, 2008

Chores are not a competitive sport. Of course not. That would be ridiculous. And childish. Jeremiah simply wants to get the work done in as efficient a manner as possible, to make himself as useful as possible.
And if that efficiency was based on the certainty that he, armored up, could handle more than certain young neighbors with strength-based mutations who weren't as willing to push themselves, well so be it. The chores got done, both well and quickly. And no one saw him clutching his head afterwards, so that hardly mattered.